Windows Defender Reporting False-Positive Threat

Make sure you update your Microsoft Defender Versions “Automatically”

Multiple Reddit users and windows users complained on various Microsoft Forums noting that their Windows Defender went off on a tizzy on Sunday, September 4th, 2022. Users complained that despite the alleged threat being blocked, users continually received notifications of a threat.

Threat Detected: “Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY

Threat From: Recent Microsoft Defender update – Defender Defenition Version 1.373.1508.0

The threat was to be related to all Chromium-based web browsers and Electron-based apps like Whatsapp, Discord, Spotify…etc.”

Many windows blog enthusiasts are reporting that this is NOT something to be concerned about.

We beg to differ on that. This update was not tested it would seem, which would be required in any situation such as this where you are sending out an update across a potential, millions of computers.

Furthermore, whenever you see a public forum like Reddit blow up because of issues related to a Microsoft product or service – our question to Microsoft is why do you insist on using Reddit as your change management notification platform?

Change Management is a control mechanism in the Technology Service Industry and Managed Service Providers – that ensures any changes that take place in production (live systems), those changes are tested and retested to ensure that they are no related issues with respect to their release.

Obviously, this update was not tested at all.

Thanks again Reddit for providing this valuable service.

Microsoft has provided an update to fix the problem.

UPDATE: indications from a Microsoft Agent is a fix has been released (Version: 1.373.1537.0)

Offline installers are available on these links:

64bit downloads

32bit Download:

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