Why a Blog Can Make a Difference

Why a Blog Can Make a Difference

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Our blog is our way as a business to demonstrate our expertise, our services, our insight into current events and to create highly-polarised discussions. We disagree with a lot of what goes on in our Industry, and we’re here to discuss it from top to bottom. Let’s get off to a great start, and discuss our approach to our blog and what you should expect.

Brand Awareness

Selenium Technology Partners has been a very well-respected managed service provider for over 22 years. Providing IT Services and IT Support in Toronto and the GTA for a very long time. We are deeply routed in the community and have expanded from our humble beginnings in Toronto, to all across Ontario. From Toronto and the GTA to Windsor, all the way north on the 400 highway to Barrie, down the QEW to the Niagara Falls Region, and with amazing clients in Scarborough to the starting edge of Pickering Ontario.

We have up until now, relied on our clients for referrals, often not using social media to further our goals. It has given us a strategic advantage in that our client portfolio is built on our expertise and long-time and long-term commitments to our existing clients.

It’s hard to argue with Gartner’s magic quadrant for Managed Service Providers (MSP). It’s the gold standard of excellence in Research. Our clients choose Selenium, as a leading Management Service Provider in Toronto and the GTA many times over, since its inception in January 2000.

The number one reason to have a blog that’s high-quality, interactive, that speaks to your unique business model is for brand awareness. Furthermore, it’s ideal to ensure that your blog is updated frequently, and contains both short and long format posts, and various media types. This would include audio, video, images, and podcasts.

What Makes a Good Blog?
A blog needs to be what?

What makes a great blog?

Our goal for our Selenium Technology Partners’ Blog is to provide clients, would-be clients, and the public, with trustworthy insight into various IT Services, IT Support, and Technology Best Practices. How does one determine what makes a good blog and what are the elements of a successful blog:

High-quality, relevant, blog content. We plan on demonstrating our over 22 years of expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritative insight into technology, and all services related to this industry.

A standard blog format, a smooth user interface (UI), and a good user experience (UX). WordPress offers a common but good user experience for the reader. With well-formed paragraphs, images, audio, and video components, it can have all the makings of a good presentation of relevant materials and comments.

Interactive components for the reader. Furthermore, it’s important that the content is good, and has the ability for readers to comment and respond to posts. Above all, any technology or service blog should provoke a response from the reader. We will be asking readers to comment, but also to respond with content requests.

Comprehensive discussions of Industry best practices. It’s not often that a conversation in technology takes place with an open and honest interpretation of the facts. Often it’s watered down and missing key factors and opinions. Fearing vendor reprisals, or negative feedback. We hope to keep discussions open to ensure transparency as well as a free and open talking point.

Frequently updated content, relevant to all aspects of the industry. Your typical managed service provider typically works off of information fed to it by public internet services, research firms, news articles, and unfortunately, vendor-backed agencies. These types of sources can be biased, inaccurate, and or missing key relevant materials. It’s our goal to give our honest opinion about the information so the reader can make up their mind on their own.

Advantages of a Blog for business
Advantages of writing a blog for a business

What can a Blog provide a Business?

The best approach to creating a blog for your business is to provide your audience with relevant information based on your business model, your business interests, clients (not by name), and industry-based content.

Improve online visibility. While it’s important to some extent to use social media as a way of advertising your business, the best avenue to showcase your services and business expertise is through a blog.

New customer outreach to acquire initial interest. A blog can be an avenue for a potential client to become interested in your services, by the materials and marketing information you provide that is pertinent to their business goals and interests.

A focal point for business marketing. Engaging existing clients and possibly new clients can be done through a blog, which can have a positive impact on all participants. A blog can give a company focus on the materials that will drive innovation, service upgrades, and continual service improvement.

Customer Focus through discussions. With all the technological innovations that have been created over the past 10 years or more, what’s lacking at times is customer-focused engagements. As a service provider, we’re constantly trying to create avenues to remain focused on our clients and their needs. A blog is certainly a way to do just that.

Visibility into all services provided by the company. Often a website can contain pages of information that briefly touch on a business’s services. That doesn’t mean, however, that the information on those pages is extensive or all-inclusive. A blog allows the business to really expand on the services that are provided and more importantly, how they are provided.

A blog is a communication commitment
A communications commitment


Creating a blog is a long-term commitment to communication. Yes, it’s an avenue to showcase knowledge, expertise, and opinions. More importantly, it’s a way to remain focused on your overall IT Service goals of creating a better user experience with computers, technology, and staff.

Let’s focus on content, what information are we going to be posting on the blog:

Business Services

Industry Best Practices

Information pieces on Technology

Review of third-party services and companies

What’s in the news

Cybersecurity tricks and tips

Information bulletins

IT Service breakdown

Opinion pieces outside of technology

Regulatory and compliance information

Regulatory body discussions

Various technologies and third-party applications

Question and Answers

Glossary and explanation of terms and services

We welcome customer and public feedback. Email us to suggest any content-related issues you would like us to discuss. Contact us via this form.

Thanks for taking the time to read our first blog!

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