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Is your business constantly being tied down dealing with third-party vendors, are you losing staff productivity?

Our Vendor management services will get your productivity on track. let us deal with all your vendors.

Benefits of Selenium Technology Partners' Vendor Management IT Services in Toronto:

  • A dedicated 24/7 vendor support specialist is on-call and at your disposal.
  • Local expert staff, all knowledgeable on various vendors across many industries.
  • Flat rates for vendor management services and unlimited issue response.
  • Guaranteed service levels and response times. You can worry about your own business, and not sparing your staff to call vendors for information or support.
  • For 22+ years we’ve built and maintained specialized relationships with vendors. Dealing with third-party SLAs, OLAs, and contracts to better assist our clients and their day-to-day operations.

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Call us, and we're working on your vendor issue immediately. So you can get back to work.

We Fix Anything

We are probelm and vendor agnostic. Doesn't matter the vendor or the problem.


Our Vendor Service is built on years' of experience and existing relationships with vendors.


Our Vendor Services cross all lines within a businesses third-party IT vendor list. We manage all vendors, doesn't matter what they do for you, or how they do it. We manage it all under one service umbrella.

Whether it's an ISP, a pre-existing Telco, a business app vendor, or a third-party contract for an in-house built application from a third party.

If it's a vendor and it's part of your information technology portfolio of services, we take all the worry out of managing all issues.

  • Managed IT Service Audit

    Selenium has been a managed service provider for over 22 years. We have seen it all, the good, and the bad. We audit, report, and manage third-party IT Service Providers for business on an ongoing basis. We ensure your IT Service is up to the task. Having an independent look at your most critical IT Services can make the difference between managing a cyber attack and falling victim to one.

  • Increase Your Company's Efficiency

    With a central point to manage all vendor issues related to your business, this can greatly increase how efficiently your business can run.

  • Asset Management

    We do a complete inventory of all hardware and software in your business, manage all the necessary vendors and support contracts, as well as any warranties you may have.

  • Vendor Agreement Audit

    We do a complete audit of all existing contracts, vendor agreements, and their respective support services. We find ways to make things more efficient and make sure you're covered where you need to be.

  • Cost Saving Across Contracts

    Year over year, we look at all your yearly and monthly costs, trying to find ways to save you money. Without our strategic sourcing services, we can ensure you're paying the right price. Saving you money.

  • Cybersecurity Services

    We have 100's of assessments we have already completed with vendors across a variety of industries. We already know which vendors lack the cybersecurity policies to protect your business. We work with your business to ensure you're protected while managing contracts to their full term.

  • Preferred Vendor Lists

    Through our 22 years of experience, we h ave compiled a trusted list of vendors you should consider, and some you need to stay away from. We can point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right vendor.

  • Compliance Audit

    We make sure that your business and compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, NIST, ISO) are always met by all your vendors.

  • Full Reporting Services

    We produce quarterly and yearly full-reports for management, entailing all service and incident requests for all vendors. Ensuring you meet business KPIs.

  • Reduce Risks & Exposures

    We can weed out the fraudulent claims from vendors, their alleged services, keeping them in check. We make sure the services you are receiving are exactly what you're expecting and paying for.

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