Top 5 Reasons To Work With An MSP In 2022


Plenty of reasons to use an MSP (Managed Service Provider) in 2022 for small businesses

Businesses have been utilizing managed IT Services from a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for years. Some small businesses have discovered the benefits of using such a service outside of simply saving on an IT budget. Over 70% of organizations use some sort of managed service, and those numbers are only growing.

While cost savings for such services has been a very good reason for turning to an MSP, there are many more sought-after reasons that some businesses may not necessarily be aware of. Time to take advantage of more solid reasons to use an MSP in 2022.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a specialized business service that outsources and manages technology (as a service) to small to mid-size businesses. An MSP utilizes experienced technical staff to manage specific or all IT services that the business requires to operate. That technology can be on-site (owned by the client) or be sourced directly within the Infrastructure of the MSP (owned by the MSP, used by the client).

The overall functionality of the MSP is to be a replacement IT Department for the client on an ongoing basis. This IT Department is well-trained and experienced in technology and can perform a variety of tasks.

The MSP works with the business, somewhat as a business partner. At least that’s the way Selenium sees our relationship with our clients. Building long-term relationships between the technical staff working for the MSP and the staff working for the business. It’s a win-win situation.

The MSP will work with your business to ensure it aligns your IT services with your business goals. That’s a very important factor in determining which MSP you should choose. Not all MSP services will align or even know how to align information technology with your business model, goals, budget, and business roadmap.

Here are the top 5 Advantages an MSP Provides

Keep in mind that these are advantages based on our services here at Selenium Technology Partners. As we are an all-inclusive MSP, this post reflects on the advantages that a professional MSP should or will provide your business.

  1. Cybersecurity Awareness, Guidance, and Governance. This is a key factor now with any business that is integrated with the internet and working in a cyber-based world. An MSP that has experienced and certified cybersecurity experts like Selenium will be the most important asset when it comes to your business with respect to:
    • Creating the right IT Strategy, keeping in mind the best cybersecurity strategy.
    • Implementing the right cybersecurity training and security posture for the business.
    • Providing the right training for your staff.
    • Creating a roadmap for all your technology and services, to ensure compliance standards are met and continued.
    • Deploying key services like BCP, DR, IRP, EDR, and XDR, all focused on your business’s cybersecurity policy.

  2. Technology Innovation & Business Productivity. Technology is constantly changing. Keeping up to date with the latest technology options, services, hardware, and software that your business uses to meet its targets often gets left behind without an MSP working with you on a regular basis.

    With the right MSP that knows your industry, this should never be a problem. Your technology and user experience should always be changing for the better.

  3. Technology Providing a Business Competitive Edge. In order for your business to maintain a competitive edge, your technology must be useful, available, and working as expected. That’s where an MSP can provide the necessary technical expertise, and the appropriate backup systems, to ensure your business has access to your IT and IT services 24/7.

    Uptime and availability are key terms that as a business you need to be conscious of. An MSP will focus on those two concepts.

  4. Business Automation. This is often a feature that is either not explored, or may not be available from all MSPs. A business can spend a lot of time doing routine tasks, reporting, data collection, data entry, etc. An MSP that has a development team on hand can save businesses thousands of hours a year on automating tasks.

  5. Meeting Regulatory Compliance. Technology can play a key role in ensuring that a business can meet its target in various regulatory standards. An MSP has the staff and expertise to help a business navigate this complicated process. While ensuring that it meets these obligations, a business can take advantage of the cost savings of this service, at a much cheaper cost than if it had to hire the staff on their own to complete the task.


  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Technology Innovation
  3. Uptime & Service Availability
  4. Automation
  5. Meet Regulatory Compliance

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