Server Support Services In Toronto

Is Server Setup, Server Maintenance, Server Hardening, or Server Support a problem you need to solve?

Our IT Server Support Services Will Ensure all your server technologies are covered.

Benefits of Selenium Technology Partners' Server Support Services in Toronto:

  • A dedicated 24/7 server help desk and  Server IT Support Service are on-call and at your disposal.
  • Local staff, local experts, without outsourcing any role you need.
  • Flat rates for Server Support and unlimited issue response. You can manage your Server budgets closely.
  • Guaranteed service levels and response times. 
  • For 22+ years. We’ve built and maintained specialized server infrastructures, in our data center, cloud, or on-premises. 
  • We work with all virtual server environments and all public cloud services.

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Data Center & On Premises Server Experts

We make the cost of IT Server services manageable. Don't let anyone tell you the Cloud will save you money. The cloud tends to be much more expensive. More expensive to operate, manage, and secure.

We offer an unlimited support model for all servers. Without exception.

A budget-conscious service with redundancies built-in.

In our Private Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, IBM, or Third-Party.


Specialized Corporate IT Services For Servers

Despite the constant push to move companies to public cloud services, that's not always the outcome for companies or what makes sense. Small businesses can benefit from the on-site server environment and or co-located servers at a fraction of the cost. Without sacrificing redundancy, and support, while maximizing security.

Hardware & Operating System Support

Selenium Server Support Team manages over 150 server instances with a variety of hardware and operating systems. From Windows to LInux, Hyper-V, to VMWare, to VirtualBox, and Physical Servers - it's all supported. What's key about our services is that it's an all-inclusive service. We don't charge extra for one server verse another. We use a set flat rate per server regardless of location or type. So you can work within your budget.

Security, Server Hardening, & Server Auditing

Selenium Technology has been implementing server instances for over 20 years. WIthin our data centers, on premesis of clients, and in the cloud. Our expert and certified team specializes in cybersecurity and security hardening of all servers within any infrastructure. We also can perform existing audit and support 24 / 7 for all servers at any location. With a dedicated team that only manages servers. We never outsource our services.

Cloud Server Environments & Support

As a dedicated team of experts in cloud technologies, we have a vast amount of experience with cloud migrations, private and dedicated cloud infrastructure implementations, as well as 24 / 7 cloud support server services. We can work with all virtual environment technologies including Hyper-V, VMWare, VirtualBox, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc. You don't want to trust the setup of this service to just anyone - leave it to the experts.

Take Advantage of Professional Experienced Server Support Specialists

Selenium approaches server requirements much differently than other MSPs. We NEVER look at the cloud as the only option. It's critical that all approaches to all technologies be considered before making an informed decision.

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We welcome you to engage our expert Server Support Team and our top-notch Management Team at any time to get a 365-degree view of all our services from top to bottom. We’re here to help.

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We welcome you to engage our expert service team and our top-notch management team at any time to get a 365-degree view of all our services from top to bottom. We’re here to help.

IT Service Provider in Toronto