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Selenium Technology Partners has 20+ years’ experience with designing, implementing, and supporting development projects within a variety of industries.

What’s Selenium Technology Partners' strategic advantage over other dev companies in Toronto?

  • We have 20+ experience in small and large-scale development projects with proven results.
  • We can overhaul existing code and software that's outdated or no longer supported.
  • We provide consistent results while planning for future dev upgrades. All while managing expectations, and the right user experience. 
  • We implement continual service upgrades and support plans. We accommodate changes in technology and third-party apps.
  • You need professional IT full-stack developer services designed to keep your applications running and business needs to be met.
  • We keep on budget while maintaining one clear path.

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Why our expert Development Team Strategy Wins Awards

What do all offshore and overseas third-party development services have in common – they never work as expected.

Selenium Technology Partners’ development team are all local staff, who live and work in Toronto and the GTA. We never outsource our coding. We leave it up to the professionals.

We design simple and complex applications and have for over 20 years, with a complete understanding of operations, networking, operating systems, support, etc. With that, we develop applications with all those components in mind.

You simply will never find a better strategy for the development of applications.


All the development resources you need

Most development projects go over budget, requirements are never gathered properly, and communications are rarely set up correctly. On top of that, resources are rarely available that you need, and often you’re paying for resources you don’t need at all. Don't look overseas when you have what you need locally.

That's why Selenium's Dev Team shines. From full-stack developers to front-end developers, to back-end developers, to DevOps Engineers, to UI/UX designers – we have all the resources you need, and at one cost.

Ask us how we do things differently!


How Do We Maintain Development Excellence?

Don't get overbilled for development projects


Third-Party Developers can charge extremely low rates for their services - but that's typically what you get in return.

Selenium charges industry-standard fees, but what we don't do is overcharge hours, or misrepresent how many hours a given project or code block will require.

If a given coding project takes 2 hours, that's what you get charged. No ridiculous markups.

Technology Experience

Having an expert coder in your corner is only part of the solution.

Selenium Development Team provides you with coders, developers, engineers, software experts, and overall a programming team that has a diverse experience in the technology environment (including networking) that your development project and application will run in.

This could save hundreds of hours of debugging and recoding your application to run on various devices and environments.


Trading Desk Software Support
Software Development with cybersecurity in mind

Development Policies with Cybersecurity in mind

With most third-party development teams, developing an application and or service rarely involves even a mention of security.

Security and Cybersecurity is the key most valuable concept we keep in mind for all projects, from start to finish.

Selenium Technology Partners is a Managed Security Service Provider, with a highly-specialized team of experts we draw off of, for our development process. For all software development projects.

Agreements, Timelines, and Governance

Agreements are at the heart of our service, which ensures your timelines, budget constraints, and end-product expectations are met. We look at our agreements and timelines as a commitment to excellence and customer service.

We manage all software projects and development tasks with strict governance rules and policies we’ve put in place over the past 20 years. This ensures that your project meets your expectations and that your end goals are met. We are not just coders.

We take pride in our consistent achievements and look forward to working with you on your next project.

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Ongoing Development Support

Continual Development Service Improvement Plan

The best development projects are projects that require consistent development for your clients. Adding value, new functionality, and overcoming challenges that were not foreseen during the development process.

We put in place a reasonable cost-effective solution to ensure that the development process is only the beginning.

Selenium's Development Plan encompasses both production and support.


How We Achieve Coding Excellence

Providing Development Services in Toronto and the GTA is much more than just having programmers and coders on hand.

Developing Software Applications and Software Support Services is best left up to professionals. Saving on by-the-hour billing from overseas developers can be a costly and ineffective solution.

That’s part of why we have our own Development Team. Overseas talent, is typically never a win-win situation.

Focus on experience, industry knowledge, proven track records, and flexibility in the Development Process and you’ll always be better off.

Let’s us show you how we do it.

How flexible is your development staff with scheduling?

We are completely flexible. We can start right away on your development task. The main reason we can do this is because we leverage our expertise and local staff that we have a hand-picked for over 20 years. Developers are always on stand-by ready to go.

How do I select a Developer?

Requirements for your project are gathered in a free consultation. We have developed a very thorough intake and assessment process, that we then assign a developer and project lead to your request. We ensure that the developer meets your experience level required, your budget and timelines. It’s all managed through a free and ongoing management team.

What budget should I expect for my software project?

The budgets are completely manageable on your end. You can cost out the entire project that meets your own timelines and accounts payable. We can charge by the hour or by the project. By the project is always preferred for long-term software development contracts.

What programming languages do you prefer to use?

There is a lot of confusion of what languages we use. The best answer is, any language. We will always use the most appropriate language for your project. We do take what you would like to use into considerations, but we will always advise you based on our first-hand expertise what well work best in what situation. We have expertise in over 50 languages, content management systems, platforms, and operating systems.

Can you supply the servers and cloud services for my application?

Yes, absolutely. We have our own data centers servers for both development, user testing, and production. We can allocate the necessary server and cloud services for your application to run, as well as creating the best redundancy required for your future plans! We operate both Windows and Linux based Servers.

I am concerned about security of my data in my application, can you protect it?

Cybersecurity, Security and Developing Software applications go hand-in-hand. It’s our first priority to make sure it’s secure, on an ongoing basis. We use the latest techniques with all the necessary encryption and database security behind our development process.


Is a Key Component of the Development Process

Selenium Technology Partners has been supporting information technology infrastructures, hardware, and software for over 22 years. We’ve seen it all and worked with it all. We have a unique perspective and expertise when it comes to managing your development project. We use our experience in your application build, from start to finish.

Development Staff Outsourcing

We can assign just a developer to your company for any task.

They're completely at your disposal. You're billed by the hour or day. It's completely up to you.

Dev Fixes & Updates

Hire us to bug-fix an existing application, or create an update for one.

Much of our experience is supporting existing apps, or legacy-built applications. We can do both.

Staff Training & Ongoing Support

We train your staff to best utilize your new application and to provide support.

We can implement a full staff training module for your company, and keep it up to date!



Objective C
Ruby Rails
Go Lang

  • Frontend Engineers
  • Backend Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Blockchain Engineers
  • Salesforce Engineers
  • SharePoint Engineers
  • Azure Cloud Engineers
  • Google Cloud Engineers
  • Web Scraping Engineers
  • Scala Engineers
  • Kotlin Engineers
  • UIUX Engineers
  • Full-Stack Engineers
  • SQL Server Database Engineers
  • My SQL Database Engineers
  • Mongo DB Engineers
  • Oracle Database Engineers
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