Security and Resiliency Services in Toronto

Is Your Toronto Office Ready To Manage a Cyber Incident?

Selenium Technology Partners' Is Your Expert On-Hand To Strengthen your security posture and Limit Impacts.

Benefits of Selenium Technology Partners' Security Resiliency Services in Toronto:

  • We deploy an end-to-end Technology evaluation.
  • We're experts in evaluating existing and potential threats.
  • We actively analyze all network communications.
  • We evaluate the readiness of all staff and their cybersecurity knowledge.
  • We complete a risk assessment of all technologies, staff, and third-party services.
  • We build a complete roadmap you need to withstand a potential attack.
  • We work with your company over a 3-month period to ensure ongoing readiness.

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How prepared is your company to manage a cyber incident and its impact?

Your company is at risk from criminals, insider threats, and state-based cyber-attacks. Our design approach is at the forefront of protection to secure and harden your IT infrastructure, internal and cloud services, and staff.

With this specialized security design service, we fortify all your IT environments. Our cyber resilience framework is based on over 10 years of experience designing and implementing highly-secure IT environments.

Our cybersecurity posture framework: Anticipate, Protect, Withstand, and Recover

Three basic, but critical aspects of any cyber framework. Discover, prevent, and respond to advanced security incidents.

Selenium has over 10 years of experience in this highly-specialized cybersecurity field. Trust someone local to Toronto, to work with your business that understands your technology, your industry, and your environment. 


Continuous threat detection and immedaite response powered by analyzed threat intelligence and proactive threat hunting.


Through people, AI, and Offensive Testing, we've got 3 levels of protection and response.


With certified experts at hand, we never outsource our services. We've got you covered locally, and on a global scale.

Our Framework has been tailored to businesses in Toronto for years. Experience counts.

Selenium’s cyber resiliency service framework contains the following;

Zero Trust Services
Data Intelligence Gathering Services
Current Threat Landscape & Defense Services
Security Assurance Services
Security Operations and Response Services
Incident Recovery Services
Continous Monitoring and Adaptation Services

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We welcome you to engage our expert Cybersecurity Service Team and our top-notch Management Team at any time to get a 365-degree view of all our services from top to bottom. We’re here to help.

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We welcome you to engage our expert service team and our top-notch management team at any time to get a 365-degree view of all our services from top to bottom. We’re here to help.

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