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Navigating the world of Network Support is complicated. Why Choose Selenium?

Selenium Technology Partners has 22+ years’ experience with navigating the complexities of all types of networks .

What advantages do you have with a local Toronto network operation center? Planning, implementation, and monitoring 24/7.

  • Leveraging 22+ years of experience in your industry, as industry experts. With proven results.
  • Dedicated, local network operations center (NOC). Manned by local staff only.
  • We utilize industry-leading tools for the management of all our network services.
  • We stress test, constantly scan for issues, vulnerabilities, and security threats.
  • You need a network operation center that focuses on cybersecurity with cybersecurity certified experts.
  • We protect your assets and the integrity of all network connections at all locations.

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Defining a Network and Network Security Strategy

A network and network security strategy is a plan of action that is designed to improve network stability, performance, and security. It’s an integral part of increasing the resilience of all your IT infrastructures, hardware, services, and data.

Our goal is to create a high-level top-down approach to your internal network and network security.

This will maximize your network uptime while improving your network infrastructure with reliable and performance producing services.

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Worried about how much a Network Operations Center in Toronto will cost?

Selenium Technology Partners implements a standardized high-performance, secure network for all client contracts. Whether you’re an SMB or a large fortune 500 company. We fit the demands of your business and industry into your budget. Meeting your long-term commitment.

Network Design and Network Security should be obtainable at a reasonable cost.

Worried about how to set up a new network office infrastructure?

For a new business just starting up, it's not a task you want to have just anyone do. It's critical that you start your business off on the right foot. Performance, security, and flexibility should be your focus.

Let the professionals handle the process, getting you the best solution at the best price.

Designing, implementing, and supporting an office network is a part of every client contract.

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Network design services in Toronto

What does it mean to be a network design expert?

Setting up a network isn’t as easy as buying and plugging in a firewall and switch. It’s over 22 years of experience that sets us apart in what works and what doesn’t as well as how a business needs to plan its network strategy for variables that are not always foreseen.

Certain firewalls, network designs, and various other equipment may or may not work for your business model. Let Selenium Technology Partners help you design the right network and implement the right network security that will best serve your company, now and in the future.


Toronto Operations Center Support

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24/7 Network Support & Monitoring

Selenium Technology Partners monitors and managed both on-premise networks and our network in our data center 24 / 7. The support model that we implement is location agnostic.

We also manage all home office networks as part of our regular service agreements. That includes support for all local internet-related issues, hardware configurations, and support.

We never discriminate on where our client networks are, or the various equipment and vendors that are in place.


How do we keep your network secure?

We have 24 / 7 staff in our operation center, monitoring all network traffic and devices on your network, continuously.

As Closer look at Our Network Support Services

Selenium's Network Support Team is dedicated to maximizing all your network services, including:

  • Keeping your network secure
  • Avoiding costly downtime
  • Protecting your data
  • Monthly Support Contracts
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Complex Reporting
  • Quarterly Audits
  • Regular equipment maintenance
  • Change Management Protocols
  • Quarterly Management Meetings
  • Support of all third-party services
  • Strategic Sourcing of all equipment
  • Both Cloud and on-prem hardware and system support
  • Lifecycle Management of all equipment
  • Cybersecurity audits on network components
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We welcome you to engage our expert Network Support Service Team and our top-notch Management Team at any time to get a 365-degree view of all our services from top to bottom. We’re here to help.

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We welcome you to engage our expert service team and our top-notch management team at any time to get a 365-degree view of all our services from top to bottom. We’re here to help.

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