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Is your Law Firm overwhelmed with IT Issues? Are they digging into your billable time?

Our Managed IT law firm services will get your IT challenges under control. Allowing you to focus on your client matters.

Benefits of Selenium Technology Partners Law Firm IT Services in Toronto:

  • Ready 24/7 for your IT support and help desk services. Dedicated to your legal team.
  • Instant call pickup with technicians based right here in Toronto. No outsourcing, no chat bots, no time-consuming call-waiting.
  • Flat rates for IT Services and unlimited issue response. You can manage your budget with your law firms’ receivables.
  • Guaranteed service levels and response times. You can worry about your clients, not your IT.
  • Our Legal Firm tech support services falls across all business IT systems. Including online law practice management software. Covers all legal cloud services that you use for your business.
  • For 22+ years. We’ve built and maintained remote helpdesk services for law firms. Within Toronto and the GTA as legal industry experts.

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A Deep Dive Into our Law Firm IT Services

Our CIO has had experience working in a law firm (Tory). Point of fact, in 2012 over 35% of our client services in IT were legal firms. We have a passion for clients that work the same long hours as we do.

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Law Practice IT Security

We know how important it is for your firm to protect your client’s data. Information Security is by far our biggest concern as well. We put in place technologies and processes to ensure:

  1. We protect sensitive and attorney-client privileged information. Whether it’s in transit or at rest in all systems.

  2. We analyze your business's vulnerabilities. We implement procedures and technologies to prevent data leaks. This prevents the loss of client data and employee errors.

  3. We find and remove any gaps with how you use technology. We make sure it works for you, under the right service controls.

  4. We perform risk assessments of all your staff. We ensure they’re trained to spot threats. Trained on how to deal with them before they become a problem.


Law Firm IT Services Designed For Lawyers

No two law firms are the same. Why would you want an IT solution that wasn't designed for your law practice? Selenium Technology Partners provides leading Law Firm IT Services fitting your firm. This allows your legal team to better serve your clients.

Hardware Services

Hardware is critical to the legal services you provide. We make supporting your firm's hardware easy. Every firm as different hardware specs. We support any hardware you need. That includes all Apple products. Lawyer, Law Clerks, Legal Assistants require mobile technology. It's a go wherever you need to service. We even purchase hardware for you. So you can concentrate on your clients billable time.

Legal Software Services

The business of law requires unique software services. Including law practice management software. Accounting, and document management systems. We won't forget the tickler application. Time-sheets, dockets, automated onboarding forms, etc. Then there is a need to share files, to clients, opposing council, the courts. All done with security, and with encryption.

Legal Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services can be an offering a law firm should consider. A few things need to happen with cloud security. A private cloud is more secure, better adaptable to changes. Some services like Microsoft 365 are viable options if secured. You need to know the risks and options to make the best informed cloud decision. In the end, technology needs to service your needs and remain secure.


Advantages of Our Law IT Support Plan

How To Choose The Right Law Firm IT Service?

Choosing the right law firm technology and IT support service is critical for your law firm to have an IT advantage. IT can be far from your expertise. We make this easy. We offer a free one-hour complete assessment to get you started. Our service will point you in the right direction. Giving you the evidence you need to move forward in your decision.


Selenium Law Firm IT Service Discount Value 2022


No install fees. Based on current IT service.

  • No Installation Fees

    No upfront fees. No hidden fees. Cost is per person, per month.

  • Technology Assessment

    We inventory and asses all IT systems and service assets. For free.

  • IT Strategy

    We create a strategic IT plan aligned with your law firm's unique requirements.

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We welcome you to engage our expert service team and our top-notch management team at any time to get a 365-degree view of all our services from top to bottom. We’re here to help.

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