IT Vulnerability Assessment: Framework for IT Security

IT Vulnerability Assessment
IT Vulnerability Assessment service program available for small businesses.

IT Vulnerability assessments and assessment services are created to locate any security weaknesses in an organization’s IT infrastructure that could be exploited by cyber threats. To achieve this, providers like Selenium offer vulnerability assessment services perform a variety of tests on company devices, applications, and networks, and use the results to suggest areas that require improvement based on their level of urgency and the extent of the problem. We will also recommend appropriate cybersecurity services and IT software, as well as device or process upgrades to address each vulnerability and guarantee optimal security throughout the entire organization.

Is an IT vulnerability assessment necessary?

An IT vulnerability Assessment is your business’s first line of defense against managing the potential risk of a cyber attack and the overall preparedness to deal with it. Never underestimate the benefits of having a security audit and security assessment completed by a managed service provider specializing in this type of service.

Selenium Technology Partners has been completing IT assessments for over 20 years. With highly advanced and dedicated, certified staff. We never outsource this service to a third-party overseas company. We only use local professionals that have key experience and credentials in this highly-specialized service.

What does an IT vulnerability assessment entail?

With every assessment, we identify risks and vulnerabilities in computer networks, hardware, services, systems, and applications. In all local and remote network locations for your business.

We assess all aspects of your technology infrastructure to then determine where you are most vulnerable, where you need to address any immediate changes, and how to go about executing those changes to maximize your security posture while managing costs. Improving your security posture is the best approach to managing your company’s overall use and efficiencies of all your technologies.

Why complete a vulnerability assessment?

Selenium’s IT vulnerability assessment provides an organization with information on the security weaknesses in its IT systems and infrastructure. It provides direction on how to assess the risks. Based on those found vulnerabilities, a strategy can be created to protect your company.

This assessment process offers an organization a complete understanding of its assets, cyber security weaknesses, and overall risk tolerance. This can reduce the chance of a cybercriminal impacting your business.

What types of assessments are there to find vulnerabilities?

There are various types of vulnerability assessment scans that we can perform. They include the following:

Network-based Scans: Used to identify possible network security attacks. This scan can be completed on wired or wireless networks.

Host-based Scans: Used to locate and identify vulnerabilities in servers and workstations. This scan examines ports and services that may be visible to network-based scans. It offers greater visibility into the configuration settings and patch history of those systems.

Application Scans: Used to test websites to detect known software vulnerabilities and erroneous configurations.

Database Scans: Used to identify weak points in databases to prevent malicious attacks, such as SQL injection.

Wireless Network Scans: Used for Wi-Fi networks focusing on points of attack in the wireless network infrastructure. The scan will validate a company’s network security configuration. 

How is an assessment completed?

Selenium uses industry-standard automated network security scanning tools. This allows the creation of vulnerability assessment reports. Focusing on providing clients with a list of vulnerabilities that need to be fixed and their corresponding risk values.

Businesses should deploy vulnerability testing on a regular basis to ensure the security of their networks and computer assets. This can be especially critical when there are changes in your IT services or IT infrastructure.

The best vulnerability testing ensures that all network, computer, and other infrastructure equipment is tested regularly.

How can a vulnerability assessment improve your security posture?

IT Vulnerability Assessment and security posture
Complete a vulnerability assessment to get a baseline understanding of your overall security posture.

Protecting your computer assets and data is our top priority. Information Security should be your biggest concern too. Our vulnerability tools and expert staff improve your security posture by addressing the following:

  1. We protect sensitive and privileged information. By doing an assessment we know how to classify your data and how to protect it at its core.
  2. We discover and analyze your business’s vulnerabilities. We implement procedures and technologies to prevent data leaks. This prevents the potential loss of client data and employee errors.
  3. We find and remove any gaps in how your staff uses technology. We make sure it works for you. Under the right service controls, your staff can take advantage of the technology without creating more risk.
  4. We perform risk assessments of all your staff. With trained staff, they’ll be able to deal with security concerns before they become a problem.

For information on our IT vulnerability assessment service, or if you wish to discuss having a free consultation, please contact our cybersecurity team specialist for more information.

Selenium uses NIST as a baseline framework for all its security assessment guidelines and processes.