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Selenium Technology Partners has 22+ years’ experience with designing, implementing, and supporting IT services in Toronto within a variety of industries.

What’s Selenium Technology Partners' strategic advantage over other tech companies in Toronto?

  • Leveraging 22+ experience in your industry, as industry experts. With proven results.
  • Overhaul and optimize your IT services and systems in less than 6 months.
  • Providing consistent results, while planning for the future. All while managing expectations, and user experience. 
  • We implement continual service improvement plans. Accommodating changes in technology and staff.
  • You need an IT strategy and IT consulting service in Toronto designed to keep up with your standards and business changes.
  • Keeping on budget while maintaining one clear path.

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What is an IT Strategy?

Information Technology (IT) is the defining force that enables and powers a business to be successful. An effective IT strategy is a powerful advantage when it comes to your business in comparison to your competitors.

An IT Strategy is simply a roadmap that defines how your business assets and operations can effectively run, with clearly defined IT Objectives, that will drive better value to your business, ensuring the results you expect.

It’s absolutely the best time to inquire about how Selenium’s IT Strategy Roadmap can lead your company in the right direction.


6 main Benefits of a Business Aligned Strategy with your IT Service

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Service Strategy

An IT service strategy for your business involves assessing your current and future needs. A business needs to define a unified vision. Create objectives for the future, and establish how to achieve those objectives.

The right business IT strategy can help your company cope with aging systems and services. It can also mitigate the risk of limited resources. Which can lead to fragmented IT solutions and IT issues impacting staff.

Through professional IT consulting, we define a strategy for your business utilizing your uniqueness as a blueprint. Each company is different, and each service strategy is aligned with that difference.

Whether you have a new business or are a seasoned veteran. We assess your current strategy to ensure it makes sense in your current state. While ensuring its effectiveness for the future.

Service Design

An all-in buy-in from executives to the support staff, a unified front is critical. With a comprehensive IT consulting service in Toronto, we access all technology and people-related components. From network architecture, security plans, and an identity management strategy. To business processes, procedures, and company policies.

At Selenium, we take a holistic approach. We look at a what's needed approach and what's reusable. A design strategy that will fit your staff's IT experience is key. While putting in place what's required by compliance and regulation. Staff can be your biggest strength in managing your IT strategy.

With our training and support, we create a synergy between technology and staff. We focus on using the right technology, that meets your budget. Without sacrificing quality and risk. Long-term contracts and offsetting costs can alleviate much of the up-front cost of IT.

We work with your business to ensure your IT design aligns with the right strategy. At the right price. 

it consulting toronto
it consulting toronto

Service Transition

We look at transition as the implementation and management of change. Changes in IT in your environment can come with increased risk. Communication and planning can mitigate that risk. We develop relationships with our clients and their staff to deal with change.

A strategy for your technology creates new standards for your business. These standards have positive impacts on your business. Adopting these standards is key to their effectiveness. Selenium ensures the transition of services has the right tools and processes in place.

Through our IT consulting services in Toronto, our goal is to minimize disruptions to the business and manage changes with staff. Onboarding new clients is a delicate first step in any business relationship. We use our expertise from a technology perspective to make it easier.

IT services and systems change and adapt. Or they should. Selenium has a set of release policies in place with all contracts. Transparency of change and how to manage changes is a key aspect of service quality.

Service Operation

The nuts and bolts of operations are the management of technology-related issues. A well-defined hep desk and service policy should align with operations. The main aspect of operations is monitoring services. Monitoring the effectiveness of the service and its health.

Overview of operations determines if services delivered are effective. A level of efficiency assessment is performed to manage progress. It's key to monitor services, incidents, service requests and operational tasks. Having and maintaining metrics can add value to the process.

We have outlined the top 12 metrics we deploy to manage our help desk services.

IT-related problems and help desk tickets are going to be a part of any business. All help desk and service-related requests provide a key understanding to the business. It can identify systemic problems in IT or can indicate that small changes need to happen. It's a learning tool, a thermometer for performance.

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Continual Service Improvement

IT services need to adapt. Adapt to changes in a businesses' infrastructure, or demands. Business changes, your IT needs to as well. We look at a continual service improvement as a way to ensure customer satisfaction.

By implementing a service improvement plan, we can keep up with industry standards.

Implementing changes can keep up with regulatory and compliance requirements. With legal firms in our portfolio, and private wealth management firms, we know this; The demands of IT only increases.

Whether that comes from auditors, regulators, or business strategies. We focus on our performance now, as well as how we need to adapt to future asks.

We stay on top and ahead of the game so your business can too.

IT Strategy Aligned With Cyber Security

Technology changes in your office must go through a cyber security policy. Whether that is as a startup, or a complete overhaul. All changes need to keep security at the forefront. It's the lifeline of any business, to be secure and manage data with a careful eye.

The honest way to deal with any question of an IT change, is to understand the risks involved. We focus on changes to your IT and how it may impact the business. In a few ways. First, the positive impacts. Second, the risks involved with that particular system or service. Comprise on security is not an option.

Our goal in managing risk is to ensure access to the process or service. While creating a service or process around protecting it. Monitoring and managing its use, having full audit controls in place. You have to make changes, but you need to manage them with security in mind.

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