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What’s Selenium Technology Partners Advantage over other tech companies in Toronto?

  • 1-hour onsite tech support, 24/7/365.
  • All-in, all-inclusive support of all IT systems.
  • Flat rates allow you to manage your IT budget, no added fees.
  • Guaranteed service levels and response times. All managed by SLA’s and OLA’s.
  • We provide the best technology user experience.
  • We protect your data with the latest security controls. When you have issues with IT, it can impact your business and your clients.

    Don’t wait any longer, we’re here to help clear up all your IT problems.

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Managed IT Services, Toronto

IT industry expert since January 2000. We're a best-in-class Managed IT Services Company. With cyber security services as our foundation. We only hire local professional experts in technology. 

IT Help Desk Support

Available 24/7. Employs only local staff. Experts at level 1 call service.

Our dedicated teams know your business and your staff. We build relationship.

On-Site Tech Support

Selenium provides onsite support within 1 hour of your location.

We can deploy staff to fix your local IT problems or schedule regular visits. You decide.

IT Consulting Services

Need a second IT opinion? That's where our expert staff can make a difference.

With over 20+ years' experience. We provide IT consultants for SMB's and fortune 500 companies.

Local Network Support

We design infrastructures. We fix issues and optimize local networks.

We support all network hardware and configurations. We create support plans to meet your needs.

Cyber Security

Our security operation centre is located in downtown Toronto.

We manage risks for business. We monitor and audit security strategies. We provide Emergency Response Services.

Vendor Management

We manage all IT vendors and third-party IT contracts for all services.

Managing vendors is part of our regular service package. We manage it, so you can concentrate on your clients.

IT Lifecycle Management

We monitor, audit, and manage the life-cycle of all IT systems and services.

We track, trace, manage, and monitor all IT systems. Asset Management is key to cyber security.

Data Centre Solutions

Worried about the cloud? We provide dedicated servers and co-location.

Having complete control of your hardware and data location, is tantamount to the right security for your business.

Cloud Services

We prefer our private cloud service versus public. Privatization with security.

We provide end to end support for; Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, and IBM.

Technology Implementation

Need new hardware installed? Or a firewall configured? We handle it.

We can schedule any install or immediate request. We can be onsite in 4 hours for net new installs.

Business Processes

Our business process automation services can save you time and money.

Automating mundane tasks, or repetitive tasks is key to efficiencies. We can set up one-off or daily routines to save you money.

BCP, DR, and PP

If you run a business, you need BCP. We provide plans with our regular service.

A good BCP plan will ensure your critical services are available when something IT goes wrong.


Toronto Office Locations

First Canadian Place

100 King Street West, Suite 5700
Toronto, Ontario M5X 1C7 CANADA

Hudson Bay Centre

2 Bloor Street East, Suite 3500
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8 CANADA


Full-IT Management System Advantages

We manage all your IT service under one umbrella. It’s a strategy designed to create an efficient business support model. We know your business is unique. We tailor your managed IT services in Toronto to match. Allowing you to concentrate on your clients.


Access to our support service team anytime. For any reason.

8 Minutes

Average time to fix IT issues from the first point of contact


Average reduction in IT issues and support tickets in the first 3 months.

Introducing Our Pricing for Managed IT Services in Toronto

We make the cost of IT manageable. A fixed service pricing per month. Dependent only on the number of your staff. No penalties for staff with multiple offices, or multiple devices.

We offer an unlimited support model. A budget conscious service.

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One Contract, One Price - One Managed IT Services in Toronto

We implement a single IT solution for a client. All technology fits under the same umbrella plan. What's different about Selenium's service? We include third-party SLA's. We manage all your IT vendors, from Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, TELUS, etc. This way your business only has to worry about your business, your clients. No need to have your business support staff, call any IT vendor at any time.

Technology has changed over the past 5 years. A small to mid-size business only had to worry about desktop support. Ignoring technical roles such as network security. Or implementing technology like a firewall, then leaving it to chance. Long gone are those days. At Selenium, we leave nothing to chance for your business. We create a comprehensive IT strategy for all your services.

There is no discounting the value of IT services like Selenium. That doesn't mean a business need not worry about the cost of technology. That has to be a consideration. As a business we look at technology as a return on investment. You need to as well. Our pricing is a cost on a per user basis. If your IT services has you paying per device, it's time to upgrade. We don't nickel or dime our clients. A single, set price per user makes budgeting easier.

Cybersecurity Conscious – Protecting your Assets

All businesses need to think about risk, cyber security, and their business. The size of a business is no longer a way to measure the due-diligence required. The attacker has created a level playing field. All businesses need to be cyber conscious. All businesses need a risk assessment and strategy to protect all assets. Selenium's cyber security framework addresses all technologies. For all levels of attack and vulnerabilities. We know the attacker, how they think, and ways to mitigate the risk.

There isn't a more important asset than your staff. Employees have been the most proven tactic to infiltrate a business. Concentrating on hardware and software is important. Managing and understand your staff, is critical. That's where Selenium sets itself apart. Group training staff is a good starter. The most effective training is one-on-one training. It's more time-consuming, but more effective. We see value in being more effective.

Cyber security services can be expensive. Pen testing alone can cost you $10s of thousands of dollars. Something a small business can't justify. There is a reason why cyber security costs are so high. The common book of knowledge (CBK) for cyber security is extensive. In the beginning we've struggled with how to provide these services to SMBs. It needs to make economic sense. But have the same effectiveness. By way of our own security framework. We implement automated tools, and processes. This reduces costs, while protecting your assets. All cyber security costs are apart of our fixed price service model.

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Dedicated Servers & Cloud Services

The world has gone cloud. For better or for worse. There are different thoughts about cost savings, security, scale, and risk. We support all public cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure. As well as Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. We work will IBM's as well as a few lessor known cloud providers. Cloud services has created a way for clients to scale. No doubt that has its advantages. For small to mid-size businesses, it's not a selling point. At Selenium, we assess and create a cloud strategy for your business. We walk you through the options, so you can make an informed decision.

Not ready to take the leap to the public cloud? There are risks involved. Security once your data leaves your private network, is a challenge. There are few if any controls of how it gets from A to B. There has to be a balance between convenience and risk. That's where our private cloud and dedicated servers come into play. All the advantages of a public cloud service, privatized. Let's discuss the elephant in the room. Onsite servers.

Onsite servers are NOT a thing of the past. In fact, we're going to disagree with most of the pro-cloud movement. It's not more expensive, and it's not less cost effective to support. The most critical aspect of this, with the right support - it has less risk.

Less risk, same redundancy, privatized service, all under your direct control. Ask us for more details.

Business Process Automation – Giving You An Advantage

Businesses run on processes. Business process automation (BPA) is our specialty. Working with businesses for 20 years you get to see the impact of big data. As well as how a business manages hundreds of little processes and workflows. Recurring tasks, recurring processes, they can take their toll on efficiencies. They can add up to hours and hours of spent time. Time not focusing on sales, or client services. That's where Selenium shines.

We have programmers and automation tools to manage repetitive tasks. We have staff that can complete many non-essential services. Allowing your staff to focus on what counts. We can handle both simple and complex workflows. We can standardize operations and mitigate the risk of errors.

Our BPA services offers a complete auditing and reporting service. Meeting your compliance requirements.

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We Support Over 130 Locations

Finding the right IT help desk near you is a challenge. We support over 30 locations in downtown Toronto. Through our remote support helpdesk, we support over 100 locations. All within the GTA and Ontario.

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