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IT Services Contact: Contacting an IT service or IT support company should be easy and you shouldn’t have to wait. We don’t use voicemail, we don’t use chatbots, and we don’t use pre-recorded messages. You call, and we answer.

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IT Service Support Coverage

Toronto-based IT Services and IT Support
Toronto-Based IT Solutions

Canadian Service Coverage Areas: Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Barrie, Burlington, Hamilton, and Niagara Falls.

United States Coverage Areas: Dallas Texas and Kansas City Missouri.

FAQs about our IT Support Model

What are our support hours?

By default, we provide 24/7 support, regardless of your contract terms. We do so in order to manage customer service expectations and to ensure we can perform all the necessary IT Services and day-to-day support activities that will meet your technology needs as a business.

What technology do we support?

We are technology-agnostic. We support everything IT regardless of location.

Who do we hire for IT support technicians?

Our minimum experience level for all our support personnel is 10 years. We only hire professional, career IT Staff.

What are our IT contract lengths and terms?

We keep it simple and effective. If you need a one-year, two, or three – we can accommodate. If you want a month-to-month contract, that works as well. We can set it up as you need it.

What makes our support model different?

We provide a one-on-one support model for each company. Each client gets a dedicated resource, no call center, no help desk, no waiting. You call someone you know and trust.

When I call IT Support, when will you action the problem?

In many IT companies when you call for support, log tickets, pass it along to second-level support, or push the request into a queue. We process and begin to work on every problem as if it were our only problem. You get right away technical support for calling.

When can I call IT Support?

We have no restrictions when you call for IT Support. We offer a 24/7 support hotline in Toronto and the GTA for all our clients. For all out-of-town callers for IT support, that also is 24/7.

How many times can I call IT Service Support?

We have no restrictions when it comes to clients calling for IT Services or IT Support across all of Ontario, or the United States. Our help-desk line is open to every call you need as a client.

Can I schedule an IT support call for computer support?

Yes. We are very flexible when it comes to when you need support. You can call us anytime, and then schedule for us to deal with the problem at a later date and time.

When calling IT for support, do I need a ticket number?

Although we do keep track of support calls through a ticket system, it’s the least of our concerns. We fix the problem first, then we worry about how we file the support call within our IT help-desk service.