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Is Your Toronto Office Overwhelmed with IT Issues & Support Tickets?

Selenium Technology Partners' IT support helpdesk provides immediate 24 /7 technical assistance for all IT problems.

Benefits of Selenium Technology Partners IT Help Desk services in Toronto:

  • 24/7 availability of IT support and helpdesk services.
  • Instant call pickup with technicians based right here in Toronto. No outsourcing, no chat bots.
  • Flat rates for IT Services
  • Unlimited issue response.
  • Guaranteed service levels and response times.
  • Helpdesk support services across all business IT systems and services.
  • Single expert service. We do not use a 2-tiered support desk.
  • We’ve built and maintained remote helpdesk services for 22 years.
  • We focus on customer relationships.

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Toronto Help Desk Outsourcing Services

We have been providing Help Desk IT Services and IT Support Toronto clients for 20 years. Allow us to show you how our services can meet your needs. We have a passion for technology and service.


Are you spending time dealing with IT issues? Not working on your own business priorities.

All systems can fail at one time or another. That includes printers, computers, mobile phones, file systems, and networks. That’s when technology becomes an obstacle. They can prevent you from being productive. That’s where we come in. You need one of our IT support specialists in Toronto to help you. We get you back to working on the things that matter most to your business. We provide the expertise to meet the needs of your business.


Customer access to our Toronto IT help desk.

1 Hour

Onsite support response times for emergencies across Toronto.


Average reduction in IT issues and support tickets in the first 3 months.

Worried about your
helpdesk budget?

Our help desk outsourcing plan can meet any budget you have in mind. Our managed helpdesk is priced on a per user basis, with no limitation on the number of requests. We can cut down on costs, while not sacrificing quality.

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Unlimited Issue Response with a Managed Help Desk

We’re here to ensure you can concentrate on your business. Our service will deal with your IT issues. Excess calls can amount to extra fees. Some service providers take advantage of support agreements. This type of service can be costly and hard to budget. It's ineffective in preventing problems to begin with.

Our help desk pricing model works for you. We realize that in some months, your IT service requests will vary. Our pricing reflects the need for a fixed cost. With an unlimited issue response service.

We have fixed costs contracts to meet your budget. Ensuring you know the service you're getting, and the same price it costs every month.


Top 12 Metrics of A Help Desk

Our Help Desk is critical to your business. This role needs to be efficient. We need to track all aspects of the service. This ensures it operates at peak efficiencies. Transparency of IT problems should be a priority to your business.

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Ticket volume

We track volumes to understand your current and future state of your services. Tracking indents keeps us focused on break/fix issues. Tracking service requests tells us how staff is using technology. This creates an overview of planned and unplanned work in your business. It allows your IT support Toronto to be both preemptive and adaptive.

Ticket volume by Service or System

You need to categorize your incidents and service request. Doing a deep-dive into what tickets are coming from what system or service is important. It deepens your IT help desk's knowledge of the operation of your business. It creates a focal point for your IT department to manage.

Top 5 Reasons to use an MSP Service in Toronto

Support tickets opened vs. solved

Tracking performance of IT help desk ticket resolutions, a game changer. It ensures your help desk team is managing requests as they come in. Track timing of when tickets are open, when they're closed, and resolution time. This gives you insight into business operations and how well it's performing.

Ticket distribution

With tiered IT support Toronto services, distributed tickets between teams is normal. Ticket transfers can indicate problems between one tier and another. It can indicate training needs of staff. A good knowledge base is an option. Ticket distribution between systems or services also provides insight. The more you categorize the better the insight.

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Response time

Response times are a key indicator to customer satisfaction. Users want to know someone is looking at their problem. Our response times are mandated to be 5 minutes. We track and manage timing to ensure we're meeting the demands of the client. Keeping track of the overall performance of the team in all areas. It adds a layer of accountability to the service.

Resolution time

This is a key performance indicator (KPI). This tells us how long a customer has to wait for a resolution to a problem. Enabling the management of expectations of the client and support staff. We respond to all requests, both incident and service requests within 5 minutes. That's our mandate for most service contracts. This metric keeps everyone on their toes.

First contact resolution

First-contact resolution means your staff are solving problems on the first call. This showcases your staffs performance given the variety of tickets. The goal is to increase the number of these instances. Customers are then assured that when they call, their problems are resolved then and there. This performance KPI is an overall health metric of your help desk.

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The value of this metric can indicate issues with your systems overall. You do not want to see ticket backlogs. It can showcase systemic and or a one-off situation that need dealing with. It's a great tool to train and encourage staff to work harder. Performance incentives work well for these difficult times. Manage volume for problems indicating a larger issue.

Customer satisfaction ratings

Customer service satisfaction is imperative for an IT business. Survey's can assist with determining how well your staff is performing. It's great to get feedback from clients. It improves staff incentives, moral, and achievement goals. It's instant feedback on how well we're meeting expecations.

Support Staff performance

Support staff performance is by group and by individual. We identify challenges with one staff verse another. It can indicate training opportunities and knowledge transfer. We pay attention to the needs of all staff and services that have challenges. It makes our service more efficient and customer ready. Top performers mentor staff to achieve the results we're looking for.

Support tickets & Problem Management

Incidents that accumulate more with one system or service can indicate a problem. Problem Management is a way to deal with these occurrences. It's an important factor in life of all IT systems. Incidents tracked to a single problem can lead to the management of a larger issue. Being aware of how incidents relate to one another is a key metric. It can mean the difference between a healthy environment or a systemic problem.

Maintenance Schedules & Change Management

A helpdesk is the front line of all support services. The value of the information it gathers reaches far beyond the normal scope of the service. Help Desk metrics can lead to an understanding of managing changes. Changes in the organization that can impact your entire business. Scheduling these changes in respect to findings from the help desk metrics, is key. It can manage business operations appropriately.

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