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Selenium Technology Partners has 22+ years’ experience with designing, implementing, and supporting IT consulting services within a variety of industries.

What’s Selenium Technology Partners' strategic advantage over other tech companies in Niagara Falls?

  • We have 22+ experience in your industry, as industry experts with proven results.
  • Overhaul and optimize your IT services and systems in less than 6 months.
  • We provide consistent results while planning for the future. All while managing expectations, and user experience. 
  • We implement continual service improvement plans. We accommodate changes in technology and staff.
  • You need professional IT strategy and IT consulting services designed to keep up with your standards and business changes.
  • Keeping on budget while maintaining one clear path.

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What Is an IT Strategy?

Selenium Technology Partners proudly provides IT consulting services Niagara Falls. We understand that aligning business priorities with your IT Teams is critical to achieving your business vision. As a result, we help assess your current IT services and implement the necessary changes to bring business value.

We align your IT services with your business strategies, combining them into a single plane of glass. Under this model, every aspect of your IT strategy supports the goals of the business. Each IT related investment and activity will optimize your business’ value and harmonize all your IT services.


4 main Benefits of IT Consulting Services in Niagara Falls

Small to medium size companies don’t always have the luxury of hiring expert IT staff. It can be cost prohibited and it can add another layer of management that can exceed budgets and internal staffing expertise. As an IT Consulting firm that specializing in SMBs to larger corporations, we provide 5 key advantages as your IT consultant.


How Do We Accomplish That Approach?

it consulting services niagara falls

Education of Employees

An organization is only as secure as it’s employees. It’s no longer a question or prioritizing the right firewall solution. The threat landscape is focused on your staff, their awareness of the risks with certain types of technologies. Your staff can be the weakest link. That’s why our focus is on one-on-one training and guiding your staff on the right policies and procedures to manage their own part of your cybersecurity controls.


Security tools, industry standards, and well-integrated security architectures must be utilized to oversee all technologies and communications in and out of the organization. As a MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), we focus on all your technologies and services that drives your business. We evaluate, understand, and design a specific technology cybersecurity framework that gains complete insight into all your IT consulting services Niagara Falls, all your IT communications, and data.

it consulting services niagara falls
it consulting services niagara falls

Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

Your staff needs support in all thing’s security, in the office and while working in remote locations. Planned and well thought out procedures can make your security model easier to implement and maintain. It can also provide a balanced approach to cybersecurity that reduces the problem associated with implementing complex solutions. This is not all on your staff, procedures are put in place for your IT staff and the benefits of management. It’s a team effort across the board in respect to maintaining the highest alert and readiness of the security of your firm.

Response, Recovery, and Auditing

The benefits of a structured and well though out security plan, is a detailed and authenticated response plan. How a business recovers can be the difference between staying in business or going out of business. Factors which can help is all in the preparation and repeatable and proven process implemented by your IT staffing solution. That’s where Selenium makes a difference. Our Incident Response Plan and Team is dedicated to your business to meet the needs of your business.

it consulting services niagara falls
it consulting services niagara falls

Continual Service Improvement Plan

As your business changes, so should your IT services. We focus on your current infrastructure and business directives, while keeping in mind your future goals. We look at an IT consultancy services as a partnership between your business and ours. We’re here to guide you in the right direction to be able to utilize the best technologies to move you forward. We bring industry expertise and best-practices to ensure your company has the competitive edge.


Common IT Consulting Questions

Providing IT consultancy services in Niagara Falls with a dedicated staff for over 22 years’, we’ve put together a list of questions and answers related to the IT consulting business to guide you in your quest to outsource your IT services.

Focus on experience, industry knowledge, proven track records, and flexibility in IT services, with a firm that won’t compromise security for any reason.

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Why does my business need an IT Consultant?

The main reason is to leverage expertise and industry standards that you don’t have available in-house. Your go-to IT guy typically won’t have the industry experience nor the latest cybersecurity impact knowledge to effectively implement and or support your business-critical IT services.

How do I select an IT Services Firm?

We understand that not all our services can be available to all companies. It’s important that you choose the expertise that matches your business goals, your budgets, the expertise you’re looking for, with a proven track record. Chose a service provider that knows your business and that has established themselves as an industry leader like Selenium.

What budget should I expect for my IT firm to be effective?

This is always a challenge, educating customers on the balance between what an IT Consultant firm charges verse the results you should expect. If a consultant’s price seems too low – they’re probably not going to provide the service, you expect. As a firm, we pay all our experts above average wages. This ensures our experts stay with us and can continue to expand their own well-being. You never want to employ an IT services that pays their staff a minimal wage. Set a budget based on the expertise that is aligned with your industry.

What sets Selenium apart from other IT Consultants in Niagara Falls?

Not only do we hire experts at the top of their fields, we never compromise on the technology we use to manage our clients. We never mix client and or environments. Each client is managed and maintained completely separated (both logically and physical networks) from each other. With dedicated staff and services.


Key Components of IT Consulting Services In Niagara Falls

Not all IT Consultants and IT Managed Service Providers are equal. Our focus has always been on providing the latest technology services that can accommodate businesses that appreciate a higher-end, tailored solution. Let’s briefly outline a few key service areas where our consultant team can meet the needs of your business.

Staff Outsourcing and Training

You decide what works, how, and when you need it.

We can train and implement staffing solutions to meet all your technology needs, under one cost effective monthly budget.

IT Changes

Hire us to implement a new or updated technology. At any location in Ontario.

Our expert staff can be onsite within 3 hours to fix or change any IT service. We're here to help.

Staff Training & Business IT Outsourcing

We train your staff to best utilize any existing technology.

We can implement business cost savings through automation and augmenting your staff with business process outsourcing services.

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