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Questions and Answers

Most of our client contracts are based on a one-year service agreement. After the first year, the agreement rolls into a 60 day month-to-month contract.


We can accommodate short term contracts for certain clients. Ask us how that works.

We're one of the very few firms that never do this. We never outsource any of our primary support services.


When you call for help, you call one of our own staff.

Yes. We absolutely do. In fact, we have over 10 internships available every year for all up-and-coming IT professional in Toronto.

Our technology internships are on a 3-month term. With potential bonus and incentives for each participant. You must live in Toronto or the GTA to participate.

Yes! We do. There is security with anonymity. Any company or service that publicly discloses their clients' names are putting their clients at risk. Manager Service Providers IP Address spaces they use are and can be public information. As such, exposing who are clients are and our IP addresses of our services makes a client a target.

An NDA is Non-Disclosure Agreement. 


This means we don't publicly note who are clients are. If you want references, we can supply them when necessary.

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