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We Began our Journey in January 2000

The history of Selenium Technology Partners is an evolution in technology. We dabbled in Web Hosting and Email service in Toronto. That was in January 2000. 2 months before the NASDAQ Index peaked, signaling the end of the dot-com bubble.

We took on Windows Server 2000 installs and support. We did C programming, and provided support for PC's, and apps. That included Lotus Notes, and all Microsoft products. With the launch of free outlook email in 2012, we had evolved.

By 2010, Selenium tripled in size. Our client portfolio expanded to include many industries such as Private Wealth Management, Law Firms, Accounting, and Security firms.

Our service locations expanded from the Toronto downtown core to 6 locations across the GTA.

We are a best-in-class managed service provider in Toronto. Our services have grown to accommodate our clients. To keep up with the demands of this industry and to remain experts in IT.

We continue to hire the most experienced well-rounded experts. All staff live and work in Toronto and the GTA. This ensures the best available response times for any IT Support. We support all your technology, MACs included.

Selenium Technology Partners provides all the IT Services and Support you need.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

We are a full-service IT department in Toronto. With multiple locations to serve you. We believe in delivering the best customer service. At Selenium Technology Partners, we implement continual service improvement plans for all our clients. That enable our customers to make the most out of technology. At their Toronto office and remote locations.

Our goal with every customer is to manage all technologies. Imagine being able to structure your work around family time. Not having to worry about IT support at home. With our default 24/7 service, we are there for you when you need it the most.

We have no cookie-cutter support plans. You tell us what you need when you need it. We include all the IT Support Services in a single monthly flat-fee price.

Partnerships With Our Clients

Feedback from customers note two aspects of our business. The first is response times. We respond within 5 minutes on average. For every request. Every request is important. We're here to listen and address IT issues with no delays.

The second most discussed topic is we support all technologies. We don’t discriminate where a computer's located. Or, whether it’s a MAC or a Windows Computer. An iPhone or Android, or a printer that’s hitting its 15th birthday. We support it all when you need it.

Everywhere, Everything IT. It's not just our motto, it’s how we run our business.

We have only local staff. We don't outsource our services. Selenium knows where your data is, and who has access to it. No guessing, no anonymous cloud services. Full transparency IT is how we define our partnerships.


Everywhere, Everything IT

Your business depends on and runs on your IT systems. It's critical you get your IT infrastructure, and IT Support right. We’re confident that we are the IT managed service provider in Toronto that will effectively manage all your IT. All under one IT Service umbrella.


A Diverse Group of Professionals

Our leadership team isn’t about titles. It’s about leading our staff and services. We ensure that our clients can have the best user experience. With their IT and support staff.

Core Executive

Our specialized support team is a diverse group of experts. We strive to put our customers first. Our core executive team all have over 25 + years’ experience. We specialize in IT Service with a background in Law, and Finance. All our executives have a commitment to your business and it's success. We engage with your business in bi-weekly service calls, and quarterly meetings. We are here to support your business any way we can.

Client Services

Modeled on ITIL, COBIT5, and ITSM, our client services are best-in-class. Our customer service and founding principals put client interests first. We have one priority, align your IT to your business goals. Our managed service providers in Toronto value customer feedback and how we can add value to your service. We look to improve through our partnership and changes in your business.

Key Local Resources

We know why our service is unique to this industry. Our technical foundation runs on real-life business experience. 22+ years of experience. We get asked all the time. Do we use overseas technology personnel? Of course not. We hire local, we train local, and we serve local. With certified staff, it's the way we remain at the top of our game. We can reach any of our clients on-site, within two hours. That's IT with a difference.


Our IT Service Implementation

Building a Relationship

We like to get to know your business to understand the goals you have in mind and your expectations are for IT. It’s all about building a relationship and building a partnership.

Assess Your Technology

We do a complete, free assessment of your entire it systems and services. We align an IT strategy to fit your business goals.

Propose Solutions

We discuss with you all your options and our recommendations. We look at short-term goals, and long-term objectives. Creating an implementation plan that’s tested and is obtainable.

Execute the Plan

We work off of your schedule, and implement the right solution for your business. That meets all your technology needs. We look after each user as a unique asset. Working one-on-one with your staff on contact procedures, and test, test, test.

Continuous Improvement

We implement a continuous service improvement plan. Ensuring your technology stays current and optimized. Our managed service provider Toronto work with your staff one-on-one. Ensuring everyone’s IT experience grows with your business.


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