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Who We Are

We are passionate IT experts. We have been supporting IT for 22+ years. Putting customer values first. We partner with your business, for all your IT services.

What We Do

Think of us as your technology partner. We align your business goals with the latest technology. We provide full IT support when and where you need it.

How We Do It

With dedicated staff to take care of your business. Skilled and trained for your industry. They know your business and how to support your specific apps.

Our IT Customer Service Approach

Customer service is our main focus. Our team of IT experts cares about your business. We manage your IT issues while keeping your assets safe. Giving your company an IT advantage.

We know that each client is different. So, we set up your IT services to match. Our goal is to meet your company’s standards. While making sure as your company changes, so does your IT.

Our Executive Team works with your business daily, at all levels. Dedicating the right staff to your business. Selenium has the right skills to manage your needs. We manage the here and now while planning for the future.

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Computer Support and IT Services in your local Toronto area.


The Best IT Services in the GTA

We've been providing IT Services and IT Support in the GTA for 22+ years. Allow us to show you how our IT services can meet the needs of your business. We offer a range of tech services, all to serve you better.

Virtural CIO

We provide expertise and executive management for your IT services.

Use our CIO to align your IT, to your business goals. We create, manage, and implement your tailored IT strategy.

IT Changes

Hire us to implement a new or updated technology. At any location in Ontario.

Our expert staff can be onsite within 3 hours to fix or change any IT service. We're here to help.

Industry Experts

We tailor our industry expertise to match yours. Leave it to the experts.

We specialize in Law / Legal Firms. Private Wealth Management Firms. Professional companies in Toronto and the GTA.

Cyber Training

Staff are a vulnerable attack target. That's why we train your staff one-on-one.

We take a hands-on approach to training. On the latest cyber security best practices.

Get cost-effective and value-added information technology services that will meet all your IT needs without increasing the cost of IT. Toronto IT services can include:

  • Business data protection (backup and disaster recovery plans)
  • Incident Response Plans (IRP)
  • Proactive network (remote and local office) monitoring
  • Employee training for cybersecurity and new technology implementations
  • Around-the-clock technical support availability
  • Computer system management
  • Hardware and software installation and configuration
  • Endpoint Management
  • Cloud Service Strategy, IT Strategy, BCP Strategy

Take your mind off of all your IT problems, and concentrate on your business and your own clients. Our Full-IT Service Model will ensure you can run your own business without having to worry about IT.

Our experienced technology experts living and working in Toronto will be available to you 24/7.

The average monthly cost of your Toronto IT services  and IT Solutions will be dependent on a variety of services you may need, including:

  • How complex your business environment is based on our strategy assessment
  • Which types of IT services are required to ensure your business runs successfully
  • The overall size of your business and the number of staff

Companies in Toronto and the GTA can anticipate  to spend between a few hundred dollars a month, to a few thousand dollars per month. All dependent on the complexities and nature of services required.

Book a free consultation with a Professional Managed Service Provider to discuss your IT needs, get a free IT assessment, and quote for all your IT services.


Providing Managed IT Services Across The GTA & Ontario

We are honored to work with some of the most prestigious companies. All across Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario. Our tech services are when and where you need them. Everywhere, Everything IT.

Our Managed IT Services Mission & Vision

As a company, we have a passion for technology. A commitment to our industry and clients. We drive value for clients, business, and our employees.

Dedication To Clients

Selenium is dedicated to our client's success. Our leadership team lead by example. With our core value of trust and empowering staff.

Tech Advantage

We focus on customer results. It's not enough that we solve IT issues. We strive to give our clients an IT technology advantage.

Customer Service

Putting customer service first. It's much more than a statement. Everything we do revolves around meeting customer needs and values.

Employing Diversity

Toronto and the GTA have an amazing IT talent pool. It's as diverse as our client portfolio. Our mission is a diversity of culture.

Tech Innovation

We’re a technology company that is evolving, and improving. Focusing on solving tech problems through innovation.

Focus on Knowledge

All staff are skilled in their role. Our training programs and incentives raise the bar. IT certification and training is how we excel.


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